Services Overview


General Cargo

We provide logistics services for all types of cargo for all over India. 

General Cargo          
We offer services of following vehicles:-RTO passing capacity of vehicles has been changed as per the notification of the Ministory of the Road Transport & Highways. It is vary as per the type of vehicle.
Vehicle Type Weight Capacity Vehicle Size      
LPT 709 4.5 MT Size 16 x 6 x 6      
LPT 1109 7 MT Size 19 x 7 x 7      
Taurus 15 MT Size 22 x 7 x 7      
  20 MT Size 24 x 7 x 7      
Containerized Vehicle 7 MT/14 MT Size 32 x 8 x 8      
JCB 8 MT Size 28 x 8 x 7      
Semi Low Bed Trailer Upto 20/27/32 MT Size 40 x 8 x 7      
High Bed Trailer  Upto 20 /27/32 MT Size 40 x 8 x 7      
    Size 50 x 8 x 7      
Trailer Triple Axle 32 MT Size 60 x 8 x 7      
    Size 80 x 8 x 7      
Low Bed Trailer 4923 /4921 with bed length between 26-50 ft. with RTO passing capacity upto gross 49 MT.
Volvo/MAN/4923/ 4921 49 MT with Hydraulic Axles to    
Volvo/MAN/AMW 150 MT Increase the capacities.    

Escort Facilities

We have special team of dedicated employees which are specially used as escorts for special and urgent consignments all over India escorts are equipped with roaming cellular phones and they are competent enough to handle any eventuality in transit."



Containerized Cargo

We also provide logistics services for all types of import/export Container Movement for projects from any and every port to any and every part across the country. Whether they are 20 ft, 40 ft, HC or flat rack containers, our services ensure reliability like none other.


Mobile Based Tracking System :- We have launched mobile based vehicle tracking system and we have attached with our software "E-Fleet Solution". In this system the driver's number is connected and can be tracked at any time so that the exact location can be found through the internet, hence there is no dependency upon the driver's statement.

Integrated Project Logistics

The challenge of project logistics is to minimize costs, improve transport Efficiencies, overcome trade, technical and paper barriers, and apply Improving technologies to ensure completion of transportation requirements in the time allotted. We offer single window services covering all aspects of integrated logistics.

Heavy Lifts

Any size, any weight, anywhere, anyhow, anytime everytime. That’s our expertise in Heavy Lifts and ODC services. In addition to our Own capacities to lift single consignments up to 150 tons, our alliances with heavy ODC vehicle owners makes us competent enough to carrying heavy loads all over India. A special team of professionals and technicians pre-plan the transportation process and make sure your consignment arrives in super condition no matter when and where. So what you get is a worry free transportation service.